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Friday, October 8, 2010

1month 2 days nv post alr. Dunno what to post. I'm doing this post for the sake of having a new post, lol. Next week exam le. Must really work hard liao. Sian ah, my english very scary. x.x"
Next week monday, tuesday, wednesday consecutively got tuiton. Oh mah goddd. Nvm, only for 3 days and I'M FREE. I forgotten wad's the feeling of after SA2 exam, I'M GONNA EXPERIENCE IT AGAIN IN A WEEK'S TIME. LOLOL.
Aighttt, that's all i know what to say, bye everyone. <3

Dead & gone. || 11:25 PM

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Heyhey !
Since I've nothing better to do, I shall do a update. :B
Holiday so siannnnn wor, no place to go. Anyone wanna go out slack tml ?
Just finished audi-ing with darren and yj, then here am I blogging.
Have no motivation to do my english paper, so, anyone kindly help me do ? Haha jkjk.
Blahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Thats all I know what to type, buaiz all.

Dead & gone. || 9:43 PM

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Hellos all. :D
Morning woke up at 9plus, then brush teeth etc etc, used com till 10plus, went to bath then went to meet Jonathan. MRT-ed to sun plaza, then we went to eat at the food court, aft that went to 'Star Factory' play tekken awhile, then went for tuition. (x
Aft tuition Jonathan and John came to find me, then went to 300plus play bball, jokes and all, then went back to SP buy drink, then they pei me wait bus, aft that bus-ed home.

Dead & gone. || 12:56 AM

Saturday, August 7, 2010

I'm so so so so so so so so so bored now. Yesterday woke up at 7 plus, then dota dota till 9+, went to yps find Jonathan, but cannot go in, den needa wait till 11.30 den can go in. So went to 216 wait for Darren and John, but they haven release, so played bball with Jonathan's senior.
Went back t sch at around 11.40, still go in, then called Mdm Latifah out, wow, so long no see her le, was really good to see her again. Chatted awhile then went off to NP, saw many many peoples. Skipskip
Went to seoul garden, need wait 1 hr, so changed to Sakae, wow, it's been long time since I last had a sushi lunch. :X Waited till 3pm for the buffet, so went to walk around, then darren and me went to buy the chicken chop or something, then i bought the Milo ice blended. Wah, drink liao not cold sia, I dunno why I shivering LOL. Then saw Jasmine and meizeng, so talk talk therem aft that went to funland, then went to around NP, saw Victor and Zhi An, then saw Ms Sathiya. Wow, saw soooooooooo many ppl today. Then went for Sakae, den darren asid Jonathan and I was so called 'uncivilised' cos we ate using our hands LOL. Clean de leh my hand, XD.
Eat till half, then darren ______________ . Shall not say it out. ;D
Billed, wow, not ex I tell you, $96. I nv pay dao $30, *heartbleed* LOL.
Saw Jasmine with her sis and mum, then aft that talked awhile, then we all went off. Walked to 111, wanted to play bball one, but Samuel went home le, so Darren, Jonathan and yj came to my hse, Jonathan went home at around 6 + Then Darren and yj went home at around 9+.
Today went to play bball with Jonathan, Samuel, his bro and his dad. Played till 8.30den went home, cos it's gonna rain.
Den didn't went for tuition, cos tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo lazy to go. (x

Dead & gone. || 8:15 AM

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Nothing to do now, sian ~
That kc is disiaoing me with the 'Brendan Lee Chick Chick' thing, LOL.
Haha, so long no see him liao, rmb last time I keep disiao him one :X
Morning was woken up by Samuel, then went to 123 meet Basil, aft that went to CC.
Walked in from the Mac, then played match. Went home at 11 plus, then basil came to my hse, bathed, ate, then walked with him to northpoint, aft that he pei me wait bus, was supposed to go for tuition at 12.30, but reached at 12.45. :X
Kk, shall not elaborate more, gonna dota with John and bubby now.

Dead & gone. || 1:08 AM

Friday, July 30, 2010

Shall do a short post while scanning my com.
Morning as usual, sat alarm at 6am, but keep snoozing it till 6.15, LOL. Was supposed to meet Phone Pyae and all at 6.30, but then reached sch at 6.56. :X
Quickly went to find Phone Pyae and Chris, studied awhile, then went to assembly, aft that went to class. Heavy rain, best time to sleep, yet i'm doing my eng paper. >.> Did the compo and letter writing, i choosed the "Write and Incident when your decision turned out to be unwise" I wrote about cheating in test LOL. Word limit only 350 I wrote till 744, cos didnt saw the word limit. wtf -.-"
Recess, went whole school with Chris finding Phone Pyae they all. Aft that they all eat le, no wait for me, den quickly buy 5 pieces of the, fish ? With mayonise = yum. LOL. Uh, k, then went back to class, slacked, then Jason and all keep disturbing Zachary, say he chicken dog, LOL, no offence. :x
Aft that paper started, was still raining, felt like sleeping, went to toilet to wash up, den chiong paper. Managed to finish, pretty easy. :D

Oh yes, ms lim bought iPhone 4, wtf. D:
Kay, after everything, went home. Then 3+, Jonathan and Basil came, watched Diary Of a wimpy kid, then ate maggie mee, aft that Jonathan went home at 5 ? Then Basil stayed till 5 +.

Dead & gone. || 6:29 AM

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Dead & gone. || 6:10 AM


Brendan ish mah name, student of Sembawang Sec, 13 this year. Please gimme my presents on o6o7 every year, thankyouverymuch. :D

Tags are wanted. :D

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